What is Manda?

Manda is a suite of programs that monitors and controls electrical generator and power grid functions.

Features include:

  • Interfaces with a range of power meters
  • Monitoring a network of power meters
  • Range of communication setups, including Modbus RTU and TCP/IP
  • Can interface with other MODBUS module types such as DC volts/Current, Temperature, pulses.
  • Option to isolate your network from the Internet for increased security
  • Tested on a range of Web Browsers
  • Modules can be developed to individual customer requirements

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Initially the function of the programs was to monitor motor-generator outputs to aid their integration into a power grid. However, it can be used in any situation where electrical power monitoring is required.

We have two version of Manda up at the moment.

  • Stable long term This is running 24/7 in the Jemelec Ltd test bay in the U.K. We have now had versions running for two years and unless we make a change that cause a crash they have run reliably

  • Bleeding Edge A version where you can see how Manda is developing, this is the version we are debugging and adding features, so it will not be up all the time.

  • For further information please contact us